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Taiwan Festivals

Traditional Chinese Festivals

Traditional festivals are important events in the life of every Chinese, beginning right from childhood. Festivals such as the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Winter Solstice are more or less evenly distributed across the four seasons. In China's traditional agricultural society, festivals served to mark the passing of time. Lifestyles of the people of the Republic of China today have undeniably changed a great deal since these times, and people now function according to a different concept of time, but the importance of traditional festivals in their lives has not faded.

Households set off firecrackers and paste Spring Festival couplets on the Chinese New Year and for the Lantern Festival.The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated with moon-cakes, while the Dragon Boat Festival , on the fifth day of the lunar month, commemorates the death of Chu Yuan, who drowned himself in a river to protest again tyranny and corruption. Another custom is the eating of tzung-tsu, a rice dumpling stuffed with pork or beans which are wrapped in broad bamboo leaves.





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