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List of Government Ministries

Taiwan's national government is based on
the constitution of 1947 (amended in 1992,
1994, and 1997), which was drawn up to
govern the whole of China; when the
Nationalist government moved to Taiwan in
1949, most countries still recognized it as
the government of all China, and it has
continued to assert that claim, regarding
Taiwan itself as only a province.

The national government is made up of
five yuan, or branches. The Executive yuan,
where most political power rests, is
similar to a cabinet and is headed by a
popularly elected president; the
Legislative yuan, whose 225 members are
elected (most directly from multimember
districts; the rest proportionally), handles all legislation; the Judicial yuan is appointed by the
president and serves as the highest judicial authority; the Control yuan is in charge of censorship
and such political matters as censure and impeachment; and the Examination yuan supervises
examinations for government positions. An elected 300-member national assembly is empowered to
amend the constitution. The dominant political party is the Kuomintang (KMT; Nationalist party);
the Democratic Progressive party, formed in Oct., 1986, is the KMT's main opposition. The president
and legislators are elected for four-year terms

Theoretically separate from the national government is the government of Taiwan province, which
includes all of Taiwan except for the cities of Taipei and Kaohsing and a few island off the
mainland coast. The province is administered by a governor, which in 1994 became an elective post,
and a 79-member provincial assembly.

Office of the President
No. 122, Chungking S. Rd.,
Sec. 1, Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2311-3731
F : (02) 2331-1604
W :
E :

National Security Council
122 Chungking S. Rd., Sec. 1,
Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2371-8579
F : (02) 2371-8599
E :

National Unification Council
122 Chungking S. Rd.,
Sec. 1,Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2331-2867
F : (02) 2382-6238

Legislative Yuan
1 Chungshan S. Rd.,
Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2358-5858
W :
E : E-mail:

Judicial Yuan
No. 124 Chungcing S. Rd.,
Sec. 1, Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2361-8577
F : (02) 2382-1739
W :
E :

Supreme Court
6 Changsha St., Sec. 1,
Taipei 100, Taiwan
T : (02) 2314-1160
F : (02) 2311-4246

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