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Housing in Taiwan

Taiwan Housing Matters

What defines the expat living experience in Taiwan and sets it apart from other places? One thing is the country's size -- it's quite easy to drive the entire length of the island in under six hours. This means that whether based in the north or the south, for expats the entire island has a sense of community. Taiwanese society is generally egalitarian, people are warm, friendly and interested in visitors from other countries -- foreign nationals living in Taiwan often remark on how easy it is to fit in here. In addition, Taiwan's unique blend of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian traditions creates an atmosphere that is particularly tolerant of other religions and denominations.


Due to a long and energetic construction boom, housing is relatively inexpensive and rents have actually come down over the last 5 years.

• A commonly cited average for Taipei housing rental is NTD1,000 per ping (about 3.3 sq meters).
• A security deposit of at least 2 months is generally required.
• Many corporate expats live in modern security apartments in the Tienmu district in North Taipei and Sindian (formerly spelled "Hsintien") in Southern Taipei.
• Prices of course vary according to inclusion of amenities and facilities such as air conditioning and swimming pools.
• Rental is proportionately less expensive in Taiwan's other cities.


Basic utilities like electricity, water, gas, phone and trash collection can depend on the type of building and location but overall these amenities equal standards in most developed countries. One difference is that homes in Taiwan don't usually have central heating and additional appliances may be required during the short winter season. Natural gas, home delivered, is preferred for cooking and water heating.

Recommendations for online information / websites:

Power: http://www.taipower.com.tw/
Water: http://www.water.gov.tw/
Gas: http://www.taipeigas.com.tw/





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