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Sat | 05:39AM
Taiwan Driving License
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Taiwan Driver’s License & International Driving Permits

While being in Taiwan there is three ways to legally drive a motor vehicle, namely;

- International Driver’s License
- Taiwan Driver’s License
- A national driver’s license from your home country can only be used if you have an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and your home country has a reciprocal agreement with Taiwan.

Please note that different types of licenses are issued for motorcycles and cars.

How to apply for these Driver’s Licenses?

Taiwan Driver’s License

As Expats usually will stay in Taiwan longer for more than three months, they will have to obtain a Taiwan Driver’s License. If you have a driver’s license from your home country, you may directly apply for a Taiwanese Driver’s License, depending if your country has a reciprocal agreement with Taiwan. If your country does not have such an agreement with Taiwan you can take a test (oral and practical tests). Always check with your embassy if your home country has agreements with Taiwan.

Department of Motor Vehicle Application Requirements:

1) ARC (Alien Resident Certificate)
2) Passport
3) 3 passport size photos (2.4cm by 3cm)
4) Cash for fees (variable)
5) Physical/eye exam (at clinic or public hospital)

NOTE: Licenses are only issued for the length of your ARC (typically 1 yr). You must renew the license right before it expires or take the tests again. The good news is that the renewal process is very fast. Just bring your ARC, two recent passport-sized photos and NT$200.

Department of Motor Vehicles Office in Taipei
21, Ba De Road, Section 4
Tel : (02) 2763-0155

International Driver’s License

If you plan to stay for a maximum time of three months a foreigner only can use his / her International Driver’s License. International Driver’s Licenses are issued in one’s home country. Applying for an International Driver’s License can verify from country to country, but generally speaking you can apply for an International Driver’s License when you have a local driver’s license already. After paying a small fee an International Driver’s License will be issues for you, and is mostly for valid for 1 – 5 years. When applying you need to show your country’s driver license and bring passport size photographs.


If you have a Taiwanese automobile driver's license or an International Driving Permit, you do not need another license for a 50cc scooter. If you are riding anything more powerful than that, up to 150cc, you will also need a motorcycle license.